6 Best Tools for Sales Growth Hacking (Beyond LinkedIn and Evernote…)

They say – sales is an unappreciated job profile.

Maybe that the context, person, organization or the manager could be wrong. Because sales is a universal profession. Every day I meet people from various walks of life. Inadvertently they all are selling something. Most of the times it’s their service and protects that is on sale. It’s essentially an exchange of ideas, inspiration, and thoughts that we are buying and selling every day. Be a doctor, scientist, student, teacher, CEO, janitor, all these people are exchanging their services in order to get something.

Sometimes the “sales associate”, “sales manager” designations may sound cliché and daunting, but the reality is everything artificially created in this world is for business, so somebody had to sell.

Having said the above, let’s come to the context which is how to make the daily life of a sales guy hassle free. These 6 tools I use to hack growth to achieve my sales goals.

1. HubSpot CRM

Most features of this great CRM is free to use. I love it’s tracking features and lead generation strategies. Most of my b2b sales leads were developed using HubSpot email templates by sharing useful content, reminding client, etc. This is probably the most versatile, easiest CRM which runs on the web, Android app, and iOS app. Advanced teams can opt to buy a premium subscription, it’s a no regret CRM.

2. Email Id Finder

I’m sure we all get stuck at some point because we didn’t have that email id of the decision maker. The gatekeeper keeps us deprived of the office, at times we can’t even talk to the front office executive without an appointment. Internally, employees in a company are instructed not to share contact information of the top-notch employees or the decision maker. So how do you find the email id of the decision makers?

Tools like hunter.io can help you with this. Hunter.io is a website which offers email if finding service for free trial (first 1000 finds) and also has a chrome extension. The findings, I have observed are 90% correct, this tool gets smarter if the company is a popular one and has a wide web presence. There are few other similar tools like hunter.io, but I have found this one the best among all.

3. Contact Number Hack

This is an incredible idea for smart salesmen. A very popular app Truecaller (available for Android and iOS) serves the purpose of finding contact information. I had been using the premium version of the app which isn’t at all expensive, and I have really got a lot of useful leads by using this. If you just know the person’s name and company name, you may just try searching it in Truecaller with few combinations, and chances are that you got the bullseye. People generally save the official contacted with their respective company’s name attached to it, so Truecaller works on crowdsourcing idea of generating the search results. It’s nothing like if you get the direct contact of the decision maker or even an important person in the system.

4. Google Assistant

Often, I used to forget basis tasks like doing travel arrangements, sending pieces of literature to clients, etc. Now I frequently use Android’s Google assistant for all my reminders, alarms, settings appointments in Google Calendar and many other tasks. Once you start using Google assistant, it surely helps to ease the day during your travel, meetings, etc.

5. Manual Leads

10times.com is a great app/website for events lead generation. This unique website lists all the events organized around the world according to industry and sector. I often stumble upon this website to find out prospect attending a particular event, so that I can take a decision whether to attend/sponsor the event. I also use this to understand the attendee demographics in a particular sector. This website lists the exhibitors, sponsor and the attendee names.

This apart there are many businesses classified websites, which I regularly use (e.g.: tradeindia.com, indiamart.com, europages.com)

6. Sales Search Chrome Extension

This is an easy to use search tool for sales reps looking to streamline their constant searching and tracing. Just highlight a name (first, last, or both), email, phone number, or other information, right-click and choose a search engine. A new tab will open up with your search results. A hassle-free easy solution for prospecting research. Sales search is a unique free tool for advanced sales researchers.

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